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About Karla

Karla’s passion for photography began at a young age... constantly flipping through family albums or admiring those glossy magazine covers at the grocery store checkout. She has always been fascinated by the way images could tell stories and capture moments in time. 


She began taking photographs as a hobby, capturing images of the people and places that surrounded her. As Karla continued to develop her skills,  she discovered a passion for capturing the beauty of nature and the intricacies of human emotion.  After much soul-searching and deliberation, she made the brave decision to leave her corporate job and pursue photography full-time. It was a risk, but Karla knew that she had to follow her passion and do something that truly brought her joy.


Despite having little experience in the field, Karla threw herself into learning everything she could about photography. She attended workshops, took courses, and spent countless hours experimenting with different techniques and styles.


Today, her work has been featured in numerous publications and have received several accolades and awards for her contribution to the industry. Karla continues to push the boundaries of photography and challenge traditional norms. She is constantly seeking new inspiration and opportunities to grow as an artist. 


Although being a freelance photographer can be challenging at times, Karla is grateful every day for the opportunity to do something she loves. She is dedicated to using her photography to make a positive impact in the world, and is excited to see where this journey takes her next.

Sklills & Experience






Knowledge of camera settings, lighting, and composition techniques are essential for a photographer. This includes understanding the technical aspects of photography, such

as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance.

Adobe Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, DxO PhotoLab, AutoCAD, Photo Mechanic

Strong communication skills are necessary for working with clients to understand their vision and to direct models during photoshoots.

Knowledge of different photography genres such as studio, portrait, fashion, runway family, real estate and product.

Recent print and digital publications below.

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